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Wall and Floor Panels for Adventure Camper Manufacturer Case Study (Snapshot) Polystrand™ Thermoplastic Composite Sandwich Panels provided lightweight, durability, and insulation requirements for camper View
Door Panel for Rail Car Manufacturer Case Study (Snapshot) CRTM™ Composite Sandwich Panels reduced component complexity compared to metal for door panel on rail car View
Modular Wall Construction Case Study (Snapshot) Polystrand™ Thermoplastic Composite Panels provided on-site technical support and customization for modular wall construction View
Polystrand™ Thermoplastic Composite Panels Processing & Design Guides Application and installation guide for comparison data, application guidance, and tips for installation  View
Running Shoe Insoles Case Study FlexSpring insoles take advantage of unidirectional, continuous fiberglass and thermoplastics to enable next-level performance for the everyday runner. View
Engineered Polymer Materials for EV Batteries Video Learn more about advanced polymer technologies that enhance EV battery design and performance to enable benefits such as extended vehicle range, lightweighting and sustainability. View
Advanced Materials for the Outdoors Video High-performance outdoor products require innovative materials. Avient can help, from concept to finished component. View
Polystrand aPET Cargo Trailer Case Study (Snapshot) Polystrand™ aPET thermoplastic composite tri-ply laminate solution replaced metal and provided an impact resistant and corrosion-proof composite material to prevent dents and rust. View
Gordon Composites Springs Video Peak performance is possible with Avient's Gordon Composites springs. Tested to over 1.5 million cycles, our springs are strong, flexible, and capable of deep deflection. View
Advanced Composites for Automotive Applications Video Polystrand™, Glasforms™, and Gordon Composites™ are exceptional alternatives to traditional materials such as wood, ceramic, and metal for automotive applications. View
Diving Board Spring Case Study (Snapshot) Gordon Composites™ Molded Unidirectional Thermoset Barstock provided a corrosion-proof custom-shaped compression molded spring capable of deep deflection and high fatigue resistance for extended product life View
Glasforms Composite Profiles Video Explore what's possible with Glasforms composite profiles, from sizing options to target applications. View
Personal Watercraft OEM Steering Column Case Study (Snapshot) Complēt Hybrid Moisture Resistant Composite provided part consolidation, design consultation, and robust FEA support View
Modular Ballistic Protection Made Possible with Composites - Case Study Case Study Learn how Southern States Supplier used GlasArmor™ ballistic panels to protect electrical substations View
Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe for Oil & Gas Case Study (Snapshot) Provided material compatibility with HDPE and added reinforcement to meet burst strength requirements View
White Paper: Thermoplastic Composite Sandwich Panels White Paper Design optimization, predictive tools and best practices for working with thermoplastic composite sandwich panels View
Above Ground Swimming Pool Composite Sidewall Case Study (Snapshot) Polystrand™ thermoplastic composite laminate solution replaced metal and provided excellent corrosion resistance  View
Carbon Fiber Composites Overview Product/Service Overview Get fast facts on these strong, lightweight alternatives to metal View
Orthopedic Fixator Device Case Study (Snapshot) Maintained stiffness and straightness necessary for halo applications View
Concrete Reinforcement Case Study (Snapshot) Provided peel ply and other surface modification capabilities that comply with specific CA regulations and allowed for better adhesion with concrete View
Composite Vibratory Conveyor Springs - Case Study Case Study Manufacturer gains performance and sheds cost with advanced composites View
Advanced Composites - Thermoset Portfolio Video Gordon Composites™ and Glasforms™ thermoset composite materials and applications View
Processing & Design Guide: Polystrand™ Thermoplastic Composites Processing & Design Guides Recommendations & key considerations for processing and part design with continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastics View
Loading Dock Shelter Door Stays Case Study (Snapshot) Gordon Composites™ Thermoset Composite Springs delivered durability and resistance for reinforcing stays on loading dock shelters View
Composite Overmolding Part Optimization White Paper Optimizing Part Design with Thermoplastic Composite Injection Overmolding: How localized reinforcement can reduce weight and improve performance View