Long Fiber Technologies


Complēt™ Long Fiber Reinforced Structural Thermoplastics

Specialty long fiber reinforced thermoplastics. Available with glass, carbon or hybrid fiber reinforcement of engineering resins to provide structural performance that can go head-to-head with metals.

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Complēt™ MT Long Fiber Composites

Long fiber reinforced nylon 6 or 66 solutions formulated for additional impact and toughness performance needed for demanding applications, even in cold temperatures.

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Complēt™ Moisture Resistant Nylons

Long fiber reinforced nylon 6 or 66 composites providing consistent performance in moisture-rich environments. Long glass fiber formulations offer surface appearance free of visible fiber.

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Complēt™ PKE Formulations

Long glass fiber reinforced polyketone with excellent chemical resistance.  Improved dimensional stability and consistent mechanical performance when compared to nylons in moisture-rich environments.

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Complēt™ REC Formulations

Post-consumer recycled and post-industrial recycled resins up-engineered with long fiber reinforcement. Recycled resin content is customizable to meet your performance and sustainability requirements.

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OnForce™ Long Glass Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene Composites

Long glass fiber reinforced polypropylene formulations widely used in higher volume applications.

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Surround™ EMI/RFI Shielding Formulations

Long metallic fibers utilized for electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) shielding as well as static dissipation.

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