Chemical-Resistant Solutions for Healthcare

Trilliant™ HC Healthcare Thermoplastics

Prevents Device Cracking

Trilliant™ HC Healthcare Thermoplastics are specifically formulated to meet the high-performance material requirements of medical device manufacturers as well as demonstrate compliance with various regulatory bodies. These customizable formulations can replace traditional materials such as FR PC/ABS, FR PC/PET and FR COPE, offer improved chemical resistance to common disinfectants, achieve a UL 94 V-0 at 1.5 & V-1 at 0.75 flame rating when necessary, and can often be molded in existing PC/ABS tooling. With its improved long-term resistance to harsh disinfectants such as Virex® Tb, CaviCide™, Vesphene® IIse, and Super Sani-Cloth®,¹ Trilliant™ HC can help medical equipment manufacturers extend the overall service life of their devices.

Available in both natural and standard medical pre-colored products, the Trilliant HC family of materials are formulated without BPA ingredients.


¹Virex® is a trademark of Diversey, Inc.; CaviCide™ is a trademark of Metrex Research, LLC; Vesphene® is a trademark of Steris Corporation; and Sani-Cloth® is a trademark of Professional Disposables International, Inc.

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  • Chemically resistant replacement for FR PC/ABS, FR PC/PET & FR COPE providing UL 94 Yellow Card V-0 flame rating at 1.5 mm, V-1 at 0.75 mm thicknesses for a broad color spectrum
  • Outperforms FR PC/ABS, FR PC/PET and FR COPE in resistance to common disinfectants
  • Retains tensile strength after 72-hour exposure to common hospital disinfectants, and shows better long-term chemical resistance as compared to PC blends and COPE
  • Exhibits good impact and temperature resistance



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Trilliant™ HC Solutions
Product Series Applications Description / Product Features
Trilliant™ HC8910 and HC8920 Medical Device Housings Chemically resistant polymers formulated to withstand exposure to harsh chemicals and hospital-grade disinfectants
Trilliant™ HC8910 GF Polyketone Biopharmaceutical manufacturing clamps Glass-filled polyketone (PK) formulations (10-30%) offer a nylon alternative with excellent chemical resistance, high temperature performance, and good wear resistance
Trilliant™ XR MRI, X-ray and CT Scanner Components Customizable, high-density polymer composite formulated to replace lead. Delivers radiation shielding performance comparable to lead.
Chemically Resistant Polymers for Next Generation Devices White Paper Examine the damaging effects chemicals can have on the plastic components and learn about preventing environmental stress cracking in consumer and healthcare applications View
Continuous Glucose Monitor – Case study Case Study (Brief) Healthcare device OEM benefitted from single source supplier for pre-colored solutions, Trilliant™ HC thermoplastics, and regulatory support View
Disinfectant Resistance for Medical Device Housings - Case Study Case Study Manufacturer boosts disinfectant resistance for medical device housings using Trilliant HC High Performance Formulations View
Disinfectant Resistant Trilliant™ and Versaflex™ HC Materials - Program Bulletin Application Bulletin Learn how chemically resistant Trilliant™ HC thermoplastics and Versaflex™ HC TPEs provide enhanced durability to withstand common hospital cleaners and disinfectants View
Medical Device Disinfection: How to Prevent Cracking and Crazing Technical Literature Understand the material compatibility with common disinfectants of various materials used in healthcare applications View
Medical Device Housing – Case Study Case Study (Brief) Trilliant™ HC8900 thermoplastics delivered superior chemical resistance after exposure to hospital-grade disinfectants View
Pipette Tips - Case Study Case Study Conductive pipette tip manufacturer uses Trilliant™ HC specialty compounds to increase savings, processing ease, toughness and performance View
Surgical Stapler Housing - Case Study Case Study (Brief) Delivered durable and aesthetically pleasing specialty polymer with the added benefit of processing flexibility without retooling View
Trilliant™ HC8910 & HC8920 - Processing Guide Processing Guides Injection molding parameters including barrel temperatures, melt and mold temperatures, drying conditions, and processing guides for Trilliant™ HC8910 and HC8920 View
Trilliant™ HC Glass-Filled Polyketone Formulations - Product Selection Guide Product Selection Guide Explore available glass-filled grades and colors for biopharmaceutical applications View