Polymer Jacket Extrusion

Fiber-Line™ Extrusion Process

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Polymer jacket extrusion is the process of forming a polymer jacket of various thicknesses around a core of high-performance fibers, adding protection from mechanical, environmental or chemical damage.

The fiber core can be parallel, twisted or in rope form. With a wide variety of polymers available, each polymer jacket material is selected to optimize flex, chemical, temperature, & UV resistance according to your application’s unique requirements. See the Extrusion Polymers table below for more information.

Extruded products include Strength Members, Trace Wire, Micro Cable and Ruggedized Cable. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and to work with our extrusion experts.

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  • 0.50mm-30.00mm size capability
  • Extend the life of cables or strength members
  • Enhance flame & chemical resistance
  • Improve UV resistance
  • Many polymers available


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Extrusion Polymers
Operating Temp Range Chemical Resistance Flame Resistance UV Resistance Flex Properties
EPC -65 ̊C -80 ̊C expanded polycarbonate
ETFE -100 ̊C -150 ̊C ethylene tetrafluoroethylene
FEP -195 ̊C -200 ̊C fluorinated ethylene propylene
Hytrel® -70 ̊C -125 ̊C
PFA -200 ̊C -260 ̊C perfluoroalkoxy alkane
Polyethylene -65 ̊C -80 ̊C
Polypropylene -45 ̊C -105 ̊C
Polyurethane -55 ̊C -125 ̊C
PVC -55 ̊C -105 ̊C polyvinyl chloride
PVDF -40 ̊C -140 ̊C polyvinlyidene fluoride
Extrusion Polymer Selection Guide Product/Service Overview Explore product information and technical properties View
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