Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) 

The Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) process is collaborative across Avient’s functions in order to identify Avient’s risks. Once risks are identified the likelihood of occurrence and potential impact of each risk is evaluated and assessed considering mitigating activity. The prioritized risks are reviewed annually with executive management to ensure our risk identification and responses remain upto- date, mitigation actions remain effective, and that new and emerging risks are considered. More information regarding risks is available in our Annual Report on Form 10-K.

Avient’s management presents the ERM analysis to Avient’s Board of Directors on an annual basis. Sustainability-related risks are included and evaluated as part of the ERM process, and address potential issues related to People, Products, Planet and Performance.

ERM Topic Areas:

Brand Positioning & Market Intelligence

Business Continuity

Climate Change Scenario Analysis Summary

Consumer Sentiment Towards Plastics

COVID-19 Response

Crisis & Incident Management

Cyber Security

Data Privacy

Environmental Social & Governance (ESG) Initiatives

Financial & Economic Risks

Geopolitical Risks

Health & Safety

Increasing & Changing Regulation


Innovation Effectiveness

Intellectual Property Protection & Maintenance

IT systems and Integrations

Labor Shortages

M&A Execution

Quality Systems

Raw Material and Energy Availability & Supply Chain Disruptions

Talent Attraction, Development & Retention

Third Party Service Providers