Safety at Avient

Safety First

Avient is focused on our goal of zero recordable injuries and our ongoing desire to integrate safety into all aspects of our operations. Progress toward this goal is measured at the Business Unit and regional levels, and progress toward zero recordable injuries is communicated globally and linked to a number of recognition mechanisms.

A zero recordable injury goal reflects Avient’s focus on the People aspect of our 4P sustainability cornerstones. In 2021, we maintained world class safety performance with a recordable incident rate of 0.55, which is more than 6 times better than the U.S. Rubber and Plastics Manufacturers industry average. Until that number is zero, we have more work to do. Additional detail, systems, and performance metrics are provided in the Occupational Health & Safety page.


injury rate


Protecting Our People as an Essential Business

As a global organization, Avient recognized the early risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. We took action and continued to do so in 2021. Our early and consistent approach focused on protecting the health and safety of our associates, families, customers and communities.

We consistently monitored and adhered to local government requirements and conditions everywhere we operate. We mobilized regional COVID Task Forces and collaboratively developed procedures then took action accordingly. To ensure our work environment is as safe as possible, this included:

  • Strict adherence to all local government requirements as well as incorporating WHO and CDC guidelines
  • Required remote work for associates able to do so
  • Social distancing, increased and regular sanitization, pre-shift wellness assessments and on-site temperature checks
  • Incident reporting and contact tracing procedures, including self-quarantine if suspected exposure
  • Support services for the physical and mental health of our associates and their families
  • Continuous communications, education, awareness, updates and encouragement to our associates

At the same time that we prioritize health and safety, it is essential that Avient continue to produce our materials and serve customers.

Our materials are a key component in the supply chain that allows for food, beverage and medical supplies to continue to be produced, packaged, shipped and used. This includes masks, protective garments, medical tubing and packaging for personal care products. In addition, our materials allow for infrastructure, telecommunications and technology to function.

As the pandemic continues, or should other global challenges arise, we will remain vigilant and committed to this very approach: Prioritize the health and safety of our associates first, while continuing to operate and serve the essential and emerging needs around the world.