Antioxidant Additives

Polymers can be susceptible to oxidation when they come into contact with oxygen, resulting in degradation. Thermal oxidation can also occur when high temperatures are used to manufacture end-use polymer products, affecting the raw material. Antioxidant additives added during manufacturing are an effective solution to protect and stabilize the polymer material. Antioxidants can help:

  • maintain shine and transparency
  • prevent yellowing, surface cracking, and odors
  • preserve critical mechanical properties such as impact resistance, elongation, and tensile strength
  • stabilize recycled polyolefins during processing, protecting the material against degradation during initial and future conversion steps
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Cesa™ Nox A4R Additive for Enhanced Recycling

Cesa™ Nox A4R is a specialized antioxidant additive that stabilizes polyolefins during processing, preventing typical defects such as discoloration, gels, and black spots — in initial, and future conversion steps and recycling loops.

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Cesa™ Nox Additives

Cesa™ Nox Additives target free radicals, terminating oxidation reactions and preserving polymer properties through one or more processing steps or cycles, including recycling.