Foaming Prediction Service

Foaming Prediction Service

Predict Behavior and Weight Reduction

Reducing vehicle weight is a longstanding challenge within the automotive industry. Foaming parts is a well-established technology used to successfully reduce part weight, supporting OEMs in reducing fuel consumption and working toward achieving their sustainability goals.  

Validating foamed parts before production requires extensive testing, which is time-consuming and can be expensive. That is where Avient’s Foaming Prediction Service can help.  

Using in-house 3D simulation software through Avient Design, we can predict the material behavior of parts foamed with Hydrocerol™ Chemical Foaming Agents during the mold-filling process. As a result, we can provide the potential weight reduction and mechanical properties of the final foamed part and recommendations for optimal tool design. This reduces the need for costly, and timely, physical trials and testing.


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  • Provides a mold-filling study
  • Helps maximize part weight reduction
  • Predicts mechanical properties
  • Enables the calculation of necessary clamping force
  • Reduces physical trials
  • Optimizes tool design and production processes



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