Technical Bulletins

Key Concepts & Procedures for TPE Applications

Over the years, as GLS™ has worked with customers to perfect their thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) applications, we've developed a range of concepts and procedures that can help improve and optimize designs.

Apparent Hardness vs. Thickness in Overmold Applications

One of the key properties of thermoplastic elastomers supplied by GLS is hardness. Durometer alone is not the only determining factor. Part thickness plays an important part in the perceived hardness of a given application, and this TPE Tip provides the basics for understanding the concepts involved. Read More...

Designing Molds for Styrenic Block Copolymers (SBC)

TPEs made from styrenic block copolymers (SBC) such as Kraton® D or G Polymers have special properties that can enhance the success of a finished part. For best results manufacturers should understand the material’s processing benefits and limitations before designing a mold. Read More...

Guidelines for Coloring Dynaflex and Kraton TPEs

Dynaflex™ and Kraton® TPEs can be easily colored by a variety of techniques. This TPE Tip can help you achieve:
•    Conventional, opaque colors
•    High visibility, fluorescent, bright colors
•    Transparent, translucent, or pearlescent colors
•    Thermochromic colors for color change based on temperature    


Processing Styrenic Block Copolymer TPEs from GLS

Styrenic block copolymer (SBC) elastomers are some of the most versatile and easily processed materials in the plastics industry. They normally do not require drying, have broad processing latitudes, and have good-to-excellent thermal stability. Most commercial TPEs are classified as general purpose and can be processed by a variety of techniques. Read More...

Specific Gravity

This bulletin focuses on the raw material cost, specifically how specific gravity plays a role in product economics. Read More...

Understanding Hardness

The hardness of a material is often one of the first criteria considered when choosing a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). GLS produces standard products ranging in hardness from 3 Shore A (softest) to 95 Shore A (hardest). Read More...