Biopolymer Colorants and Additives

Bioplastics have many winning attributes, but sometimes their mechanical or other properties need a helping hand. If you’re considering bio-based plastics for the products in your portfolio but are concerned about maintaining high-quality product standards, our bio-based additives and colorants may provide the solution you seek.

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Cesa™ Bio Additives

Cesa™ Bio Additives can help deliver sustainable products without compromising performance or manufacturability. These additives are created to enhance bioplastics so you can continue delivering top-end products to the market. Naturally.

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Mevopur™ Healthcare Bio-based Polymer Solutions

Mevopur™ Healthcare Bio-based Polymer Solutions are formulated with bio-based polymers and pre-tested raw materials to help reduce carbon footprint and mitigate the risk of non-compliance during regulatory submission.

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OnColor™ Bio Colorants

OnColor™ Bio color concentrates are specially created to perform well with bioplastics such as PLA, PHA, PHBV, PBS, PBAT, and special blends of those materials. Most importantly, these colorants don’t compromise the organic recyclability of the resins they enhance. 

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OnColor™ Naturals Colorants

OnColor™ Naturals is a range of colorants made with natural pigments derived from plants, flowers, roots, and minerals.