High Temperature PES/PSU/PPSU Colorants

Colorant Chromatics™ PES/PSU/PPSU Colorants

High Temp Color Consistency

Get consistent color and excellent homogenization with Colorant Chromatics™ masterbatches for polyethersulfone (PES), polysulfone (PSU) and polyphenylsulfone (PPSU). These robust formulations enable you to enhance aesthetics and increase production efficiency without disrupting your existing processes or investing in new machinery.

Our experts can work with you to improve product quality, reduce waste and streamline your operations, allowing you to react to market trends faster. Masterbatches are based on specific resins from several major producers.

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  • Works with existing processes and equipment to enhance aesthetics and production efficiencies
  • Pigment strengths can be tailored for specific applications
  • Standard and custom colors
  • Laser markable colors
  • Pre-colored formulations



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3D Dental Scanner Case Study (Snapshot) Transcend™ Precolored Gray and White PSU achieved accurate color match to non-polysulfone (PSU) components View
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Airplane Cabin Interior Parts Case Study (Snapshot) Colorant Chromatics™ PES/PPSU delivered consistent distribution and dispersion in high-temperature polymers, resulting in improved mechanical properties and performance View
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Catering Food Trays Case Study (Snapshot) Colorant Chromatics™ PES Green Color Concentrate provide customizable high-performance solution able to withstand multiple cleaning cycles with detergents View
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Consumer and Aerospace Molders Case Study (Snapshot) Colorant Chromatics™ and BASF Ultrason® high-performance polymers in metallic colors provided lightweight and food contact-approved colors solutions for molders View
Dental Equipment Case Study (Snapshot) Colorant Chromatics™ Pre-colored Grey PSU offered customizable high-performance solutions along with a variety of color design possibilities View
Food Blender Pitcher Case Study (Snapshot) Colorant Chromatics™ PES Color Concentrate helped prevent color deviation while reducing weight for improved sustainability View
Food Handling Components Case Study (Snapshot) Colorant Chromatics™ Precolor and Masterbatch Formulations that counteract yellow tones without sacrificing heat and steam resistance View
Infant Milk Bottle Case Study (Snapshot) Colorant Chromatics™ PPSU Precolor provided material able to withstand repeated steam sterilization and maintain excellent mechanical performance View
Precolor for 3D Dental Scanner Case Study (Snapshot) Colorant Chromatics™ Precolored Gray and Precolored White PSU able to withstand steam sterilization in an autoclave View