Fiber Colorants

Color is everywhere. From the clothes we wear to the upholstery in the cars we drive, color plays a major role in driving consumer appeal. However, the way we add color to our products can have a big impact on our business success. Additionally, the textile industry is under pressure to become more agile and more sustainable. With global manufacturing footprint and capabilities, Avient is positioned to supply the textile industry with the highest quality colorants for fibers. Our wide range of color concentrates, a.k.a. masterbatches, are suitable for spun-dyed polyester, polypropylene and polyamide. Spin-dyeing is a process that uses no water and reduced energy compared to other conventional dyeing methods. 


  • Single Pigment Dispersions and custom color concentrates 
  • Excellent batch-to-batch consistency
  • Rapid development time
  • Possibility to combine colorants and additives into a single combination masterbatch
  • Dedicated team of fiber coloration experts
  • Liquid color concentrates available for certain polymers
  • Fully equipped color matching and testing laboratories
  • GRS certified sites in Asia
MagiQ Fiber Liquid Colorants

MagIQ™ Liquid Fiber Colorants and Additives

These liquid concentrates, which are injected in the spun-dyed polymer melt, provide excellent color fastness and allow rapid color changes. 

REMAFIN Fiber Colorants for PP

Remafin™ Fiber Colorants for PP

The Remafin Fiber Colorants for PP portfolio includes single dispersion and custom color masterbatches in pellet form. They are suitable for spun-dyed fibers and spunbond/meltblown fabrics made of polypropylene.

Renol Fiber Colorants for PET and PA

Renol™ Fiber Colorants

The Renol Fiber Colorants portfolio includes single dispersion and custom color masterbatches in pellet form for use with spun-dyed polyester and polyamide. They are suitable for a variety of applications.