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Avoid costly detours and reduce development time with an engineering and design review from Avient. We understand that competition is fierce and that you need to bring a new product to market fast, while optimizing product quality, reliability and production ease. Well-informed engineering and design is critical to your success, and the proper integration of highly functional materials can make a positive difference in your product’s adoption by the market.

We use computer-aided engineering (FEA / Finite Element Analysis) to virtually simulate a product or process to evaluate its performance. Our engineers are experts in this methodology, using industry-recognized software and standards.

Building accurate models allows us to compare the performance of different material solutions or designs for your application. Armed with this information and our recommendations, you will be able to validate and refine your concept or design. We’re ready to work with you to build confidence in the quality of your product and process.

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Our Capabilities

  • Using finite element analysis, we provide customers with critical insights to product performance
  • Advanced Modeling
  • Structural Static
  • Structural Dynamic
  • Thermal
  • Design Optimization
  • Process Analysis
  • Design for Manufacturing



Safety Data Sheets

Important information about the health, safety and environmental impacts of Avient products.


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Browse our library of product data sheets containing technical descriptions and details.


Technical Literature

Technical information, design guides, processing information and more.


Marketing + Technical Info

Browse and download our literature to learn more about Avient solutions and services.

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