Liquid Dispersion Process Aid

ColorMatrix™ SmartHeat™ RHC

Improved PET Recycling

ColorMatrix™ SmartHeat™ RHC is an APR accredited, patent protected, liquid dispersion process aid, available to rPET producers and converters to help improve recycling and sustainability of PET bottles.

It enables increased rPET content and reduced CO2 emissions. SmartHeat RHC also has minimal impact on final product color or aesthetics.

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Reduced Energy Use

When added to rPET and PET preforms and bottles, SmartHeat RHC helps to:

  • Improve rPET quality: Better thermal stability, reduced yellowing
  • Improve bottle quality: Greater processability & lightweighting
  • Improve bottle mechanical strength
  • Reduce blowouts and improve productivity
  • Reduce energy consumption during the blow molding process


ColorMatrix™ SmartHeat™ Brochure


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Product Range
User Converters, rPET producers Converters rPET producers
Application Colorless Colored Toned
Product Offerings Liquid dispersion, Clear/ Colorless Liquid, A range of water blue colors, Custom color solutions Liquid dispersion, Available as two blue shades, Custom color solutions
Recycling Recycle friendly, APR accredited Recycle friendly, Contains APR accredited SmartHeat RHC Recycle friendly, Contains APR accredited SmartHeat RHC
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