Protect your products from the effects of ultraviolet radiation.

UV and Light Blocking Additives

Our UV stabilizers help you mitigate the harmful effects of UV radiation on the polymers you use in your products, and our LightShield light blocking additives protect the sensitive ingredients within your plastic packaging. UV stabilizers help you reduce field failures and returns, improve weather resistance and outdoor durability, and protect against premature color fading. LightShield light blocking additives support increased shelf life for end products that contain ingredients sensitive to light.

Our extensive portfolio includes solutions for a broad range of polymers and processes. With these additives, you can:

  • Increase product life by preventing premature product degradation such as color fading or odor development 
  • Reduced field failures and returns resulting in warranty cost savings
  • Increase durability for products being stored outside for longer periods

ColorMatrix™ Ultimate™ UV Light Barrier for PET

Our proprietary light barrier technology for can protect your PET packaging from the harmful effects of UV rays.


ColorMatrix™ Lactra™ SX Light Blocking Additive for PET

This barrier offers full protection against light radiation and can be used in monolayer PET packaging. This makes it ideal for light-sensitive UHT dairy products with a longer shelf life.


OnCap™ light shield UV and visible light barrier masterbatches

Masterbatch concentrate that protects beverages, foods and other products from the affects of UV and other light wavelengths.


OnCap™ UV Stabilizer Additives

These innovative UV Stabilizer additives neutralize the physical and cosmetic damage caused by harmful light, keeping your products looking great for longer.


OnColor™ WPC Wood Plastic Composite Capstock Technology

Capstock solutions that pair with traditional wood plastic composite (WPC) materials as a substrate for a durable outer layer.


Protect your products from the effects of ultraviolet radiation.