SERVE at Avient

Avient's newest Employee Resource Group was founded in 2022, Sustaining Engagement for Returning Veteran Employees (SERVE). SERVE strives to enable veterans to navigate and accelerate success in their career transition at Avient through support and resources focused on mentorship, community and camaraderie.

As SERVE builds momentum within Avient in 2023, the focus is on providing a platform for veterans to build a sense of support and community within Avient, and in the local communities where our associates work and live. Another priority is to establish professional mentorship connections to support members of SERVE as they navigate career growth and development. 

Alex Dryer

''Avient has always been a veteran friendly company and we wanted to formalize that by bringing those who have served their countries and communities together with those who have supported them. We look forward to seeing how SERVE can contribute to our culture and benefit our company, associates and community!"

Alex Dyer, Senior Product Specialist, SEM; LSS Black Belt

SERVE logo


Help Avient become a top employer for veterna talent


Provide support and resources to help veterans navigate their career transition and bring value to the company

Strategic Properties

Camaraderie: Provide a platform for veterans to meet, work, train, and develop a sense of support and community

Career: Offer professional mentorship for current and future veteran Avient associates

Strategic Properties

Community: Synchronize and enable Avient support and representation in local veteran organizations and events


SERVE's purpose is to provide value throughout the organization:

To our veteran associates by helping them navigate the transition from military to corporate life and tapping into their unique skillsets.

To our company by leveraging veterans' experiences gained in complex and dynamic environments and a vast and diverse nationwide recruiting network.

To our communities by being good stewards and representing Avient at local service-related events.