Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Case Study

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy provides reliable power, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and conserves natural resources. The market for renewable energy is expanding quickly and there is tremendous market potential. We have the material experience in a broad range of energy applications including solar power, wind power, battery and fuel cells to help customers deliver value and innovation. We are committed to helping our customers develop and manufacture alternative energy applications.

We offer a full range of material solutions for photovoltaic wire and cable that enable renewable energy infrastructure, including SyncureTM Crosslinked Polyethylene Formulations, which provide high-performance, UL 4703 and VW 1-compliance and eliminate the need to use two separate insulation and jacketing formulations.

SmartbatchTM Color And Additive Concentrates offer superior UV weathering protection for solar power installations. Additionally, protective cable insulation and jacketing can be made from ECCOHTM Low Smoke and Fume, Non-Halogen Formulations.

Wind power is another reliable alternative energy application. GlasformsTM Pultrusion Technologies offer exceptional strength-to-weight ratio for continuous fiber reinforced composites for structural wind turbine components.

Also, our CESATM Additive Masterbatches are utilized for solar back sheets to enhance the halogen-free mono material structure and protect against voltage breakdowns.