Colorants and Additives for Wire & Cable

Avient’s color and additive solutions for wire and cable applications are products developed to meet the demanding requirements of the wire and cable industry. The portfolio includes solid, liquid, and high-temperature colorants and fluropolymer color concentrates. Plus, a range of performance enhancing additives suitable for use with multiple polymers.

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Cesa™ Flame Retardant Additives

Cesa™ Flame Retardant Additives can help mitigate fire hazards by increasing the ignition resistance of plastics, reducing the speed of flame spread, reducing heat release, and reducing smoke and fume generation.

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Colorant Chromatics™ Conductive Formulations

Where static dissipation and controlled conductivity are critical, Colorant Chromatics™ Conductive Formulations can meet the requirements of high-temperature applications for wire and cable.

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Colorant Chromatics™ Cross-linked Formulations

By blending in a combination of special additives, these high-temperature, functional formulations are cross-linked when exposed to electron beam radiation.

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Colorant Chromatics™ Dispersed Pigments for PTFE

Enhance PTFE paste extrusion applications with dispersed pigments that can improve homogenization and color quality.


Colorant Chromatics™ UV Laser Marking Technology

Colorant Chromatics™ UV Laser Marking Technology for FEP allows a permanent and gentle marking of wire and cable surfaces. It provides excellent contrast and can help maintain integrity of the surface. 

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Hydrocerol™ Chemical Foaming Agents

Hydrocerol™ Chemical Foaming Agents can help to reduce part weight without compromising stiffness or mechanical properties. They can also help save material and improve productivity. 

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OnColor™ Colorants for Wire & Cable

OnColor™ color concentrates are developed to meet the demanding requirements of the wire and cable industry. These versatile concentrates meet many standard wire and cable specifications, including RAL, IEC, BS and AFNOR.