Universal Carrier Technology

Omnicolor™ Multipurpose Colorants

Compatible & Reliable

Omnicolor™ color concentrates are based on a multipurpose compatible carrier system. These concentrates are suitable for use with a wide range of polymers at the addition rates recommended in the table below.

Omnicolor colorants are not suitable for any food contact, cosmetic, medical, pharmaceutical or toy applications.


Recommended Addition Rates
Polyethylene 1% Acetal 1%
Polypropylene 1% SAN 1%
Polystyrene (GP) 1% ABS 1-3%
Polystyrene (HIPS) 1-2% PVC 1-3%
Acrylics (Opaque) 1% Polycarbonate 1%
Polyester (PBT) 1% Thermoplastic Rubber 1-3%
Polyester (PET) 1% Alloy & Blends 1-3%
Polyurethanes 1-2% EVA 1%
Polyamide (Nylon) 1% Filled Polymers 1-3%

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  • Brilliant batch-to-batch color consistency with exceptional reliability and quality
  • Low usage ratio (100:1)
  • Convenient minimum order (25 lbs., 5 kg)
  • Available in a wide range of stock and standard colors
  • Suitable for use with over 25 different polymers
  • Compatible with most common additives, including UV stabilizers, antistats and slip agents
  • Heavy-metal- and cadmium-free



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