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Fiber-Line™ Coatings

Optimize Fiber Performance

Our performance enhancing coatings have been developed to improve the natural characteristics of synthetic fibers.

Wire and cable applications benefit from coatings that add color, add abrasion resistance, absorb and block water, and enhance UV resistance. Industrial fabric, belts and hoses are enhanced with improved adhesion and flame resistant coatings.

Our research, development and engineering teams are continually developing and testing new coating technology, and adding to our unique portfolio of high performance coatings with the latest in tensioning equipment, coating/wiping tooling, and curing technology.

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  • 100% water based or non-solvent resin formulations
  • Carefully selected regulatory compliant raw materials and chemicals
  • Custom coating formulations are designed to meet specific application requirements
  • Formulated compatibility to individual fiber substrates or processing conditions


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Explore our variety of coatings that improve the performance of synthetic fibers


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Fiber-Line Coatings
Bondcoat™ Adhesion Enhancing Coating Improve adhesion between fibers and substrates without impacting performance • Belt & Hose Reinforcement Yarn • Strength Members • Industrial Fabric Yarn • Wire Harness Yarn
Colorcoat™ Fiber Color Coating Achieve vibrant colors for safety, identification and aesthetics • Ripcords • Strength Members • Wire Harness Yarn • Industrial Fabric Yarn
Wearcoat™ High Abrasion Coating Reduce the effects of friction and yarn-on-yarn abrasion with added durability • Ripcords • Strength Members • Synthetic Wire Rope • Industrial Fabric Yarns • Wire Harness Yarns
Swellcoat™ Water Absorbing Coating Prevent moisture ingress with patented water absorbing technology • Buffer Thread • Binder Yarn • Filler Yarn • Strength Members • Ripcords • FRP Rod
Swellcoat™ Blocker Water Blocking Coating Add water blocking strength reinforcement to dry cable designs • Strength Members • Ripcords • Binder Yarn • Filler Yarn • Synthetic Wire Rope
Packcoat™ Performance Enhancing Coating Improve lubricity and temperature resistance for braided compression packing • PTFE • Silicone Oil • Graphite • Mineral Oil
Protexcoat™ UV Resistant Coating Enhance ultraviolet (UV) resistance, improve processing • Strength Members • Industrial Fabric Yarn • Wire Harness Yarn
Blockcoat™ Anti-Wicking Coating Prevent moisture from wicking between fibers and filaments • Binder Yarn • Filler Yarn • Wire Harness Yarn • Ripcords • Industrial Fabric Yarn
Repelcoat™ Water Repellant Coating Enhance water repellency via hydrophobic coating additives • Binder Yarn • Filler Yarn • Wire Harness Yarn • Ripcords • Industrial Fabric Yarn
Flamecoat™ Flame Resistant Coating Improve fire and flame resistance using intumescent coatings • Industrial Fabric Yarn • Wire Harness Yarn
Fiber-Line™ Performance Enhancing Coatings - Product Selection Guide Product Selection Guide Explore our variety of coatings that improve the performance of synthetic fibers View

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