Flame Retardants and Compliant Solutions

Product safety and regulatory compliance are key for applications using plastic materials where flammability is a consideration.  

Whether you are looking for UL 94-recognized color concentrates for use in specific resins or flame retardant additives that help mitigate fire hazards, we have solutions that can help.  

Our flame retardant additives are used in a broad range of applications, including building materials, electrical and electronic components, automotive parts, and much more. They can be used across a variety of resins and customized for specific needs.  

We also offer a wide range of UL 94-recognized color concentrates for different polymer grades, from standard to engineering polymers, that fulfill the vertical burning (V-0; V-1; V-2) and horizontal burning (HB) tests. This helps manufacturers and brand owners speed up time to market with the necessary UL listing to support their products.

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Cesa™ Flame Retardant Additives

These additives allow manufacturers to design with confidence for critical flame and smoke applications.


OnColor™ UL Colorants

More than 2,000 recognized color concentrates (masterbatches) available in virtually all color options.

Airplane seats

Silcosperse™ Additive Dispersions

Dispersion formulations in grades that may be blended to achieve desired results.