Long Fiber Formulation Enhancements

Multi-Functional Performance Additives

Customized Performance to Meet Demanding Environmental and Physical Requirements

Don't let your creativity, or your product's performance, be limited by off-the-shelf options. Ready-to-mold LFT composite pellet solutions contain everything you need. Colorants can meet brand standards, UV packages can offer additional protection for applications with high UV exposure, lubricants can minimize wear and tear, flame retardants can provide flame, smoke, and/or toxicity compliance, and additional durability can ensure your products perform in extreme climates (hot or cold). Work with our design team to customize a solution to meet your unique application requirements.

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  • Customized color matches for brand cohesiveness
  • Added lubricity to eliminate wear concerns
  • Flame / smoke / toxicity compliance
  • Additional protection to UV exposure
  • Maintain performance in elevated or cold temperatures

Additives for LFT

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Color & Appearance

  • Increase consumer appeal for products
  • Employ color as part of a product branding strategy
  • Make unique components easier to identify
  • Eliminate secondary painting or decorating processes
  • Improve color consistency and simplify molding process with single pellet solution
  • Improve surface appearance
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  • Protect mechanical performance and aesthetics with sun exposure
  • Leverage a single-pellet solution to avoid additional steps at the press
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Extreme Temperature Performance

  • Maintain robust impact performance in cold environments
  • Sustain performance at elevated temperatures 
  • Replace metal with thermoplastic for better tactile feel for end users (hot or cold)
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  • Eliminate external lubrication which adds process steps and cost 
  • Add internal lubrication to improve the wear resistance of plastics, increasing reliability and durability
  • Eliminate noise between mated or in-motion surfaces
  • Enhance aesthetics by reducing surface marring and scratching

Flame Retardancy

  • Meet safety flame retardant regulations like UL94 HB or non-Halogen
  • Prevent plastics from being a source of ignition or fuel for combustion in overheat situations
  • Reduce smoke generation and smoke toxicity for enclosed environments