Putting Your Trucks in the Fast Lane

Trucking Interiors

Material Solutions for Truck Cabs

A truck is both home and office for drivers while they’re on the road. Fleet owners and drivers want comfortable, convenient, and attractive trucks that make the long haul feel a little shorter. Create your cabs with Avient materials that reduce noise, stand up to impact, control vibration and with our colorant systems that resist fading, make the last mile feel as good as the first.


  • Storing personal items safely and easily is important to drivers, and our Maxxam™ polypropylene can create storage areas that are robust and cost-effective.
  • Meet color harmony requirements—and budget requirements—with OnColor™ masterbatch colorants for interior components
  • Make sure your drivers can keep their phones, keys and other items within reach by installing OnFlex™ grips and nonslip surfaces
  • Comfort is critical for the long haul. Strength, durability and flexibility in seating is made possible with Gordon Composites™ laminates and springs
  • Cabs and bunks can take a beating on the road. Polystrand™ composites can help you create impact-resistant walls and panels to stand up to tough conditions

Product Name Description Characteristics Characteristics
Maxxam™ Compounded PP UV stability Custom colors available
OnColor™ Solid masterbatch colorants
OnFlex™ TPE for non-slip surfaces and mats Low odor Broad range of tactile feel
Gordon Composites™ Continuous fiber thermoset springs and laminates for seating High strength-to-weight ratio High fatigue strength
Polystrand™ Continuous fiber thermoplastic reinforcement for panels and seating Lightweight Impact resistant