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Automotive and Industrial Radars

Material Solutions for Automotive and Industrial Radars

With the rise in advanced-driver assistance systems (ADAS) and self-driving vehicles, radars and sensors are a fundamental requirement for safe and autonomous driving. Sensing data acquired by radars, LiDAR and cameras are combined with GPS, V2X and 5G to create very detailed real-time maps so that cars can perform micro path planning, select lanes and avoid obstacles.

PREPERM™ materials can be used in automotive radar antenna covers, radomes, emblems and bumper windows to provide longer beam length and wider beam scanning angles compared to alternative materials.

Ultra-low loss PREPERM™ materials can also be used in industrial radars for different types of level detection applications such as those used in the process industry, silos and automated warehouses. These solutions are also suitable for use in industrial machinery, consumer electronics (gesture recognition), rain droplet analyzers and for applications identifying moving crowds in different surroundings. 

Applications Description/Product Features
Radomes Excellent radio frequency performance. Available in black and sand colors, with different properties such as high impact strength and flame retardancy.
Lenses Stable and well controlled dielectric constants from 2.6 - 23 GHz. Higher permittivity enables size reductions as well as up to 40% weight reduction.
Emblems Millimeter-wave radar collision prevention systems can be mounted behind vehicle emblems, achieving 20-40% longer beam length compared to alternative materials.
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