Form and Function

Agriculture & Construction Interiors

Material Solutions for Field Equipment

Field equipment must be able to stand up to the harshest environments, both on the outside and the inside. But that doesn’t mean the interiors can’t be both tough and comfortable. Avient materials offer ease of fabrication and formability that facilitate a comfortable, safe and reliable experience for field equipment operators so they can concentrate on working efficiently.


  • Ease of formability and fabrication
  • Durable sheeting that stands up to the elements
  • Impact strength and heat deflection
  • Custom color matching and solutions

Product Name Description Characteristics Characteristics
Maxxam™ Compounded PP UV stability Custom colors available
OnColor™ Solid masterbatch colorants
OnFlex™ TPE for non-slip surfaces and mats Low odor Broad range of tactile feel
Gordon Composites™ Continuous fiber thermoset springs and laminates for seating High strength-to-weight ratio High fatigue strength
Polystrand™ Continuous fiber thermoplastic reinforcement for panels and seating Lightweight Impact resistant