Follow Your Dreams

Consumer Discretionary

In today’s world, there’s a must-have product being introduced every day. As consumers, we feel obligated to stay up to date with the latest trends. From apparel and electronics to exercise equipment and outdoor gear, companies face the challenge of meeting the evolving, and sometimes luxurious, demands of consumers. Our specialty and sustainable materials combine with practical design services to deliver a positive impact for your target audience and reinforce your brand promise. 

Focus Areas

Apparatus & Cord

We understand the challenges, regulations, and standards you face and can supply you with the appropriate advanced polymer solutions for your application’s requirements and to support compliance. 

Computers & Peripherals

You need to ensure your products function well, are safe, appeal to consumers, and manufacture efficiently. We can help. Our broad array of specialty polymer solutions can solve technical challenges, such as managing static electricity, transferring heat away from sensitive components or providing EMI/FRI shielding, and delivering the colors and haptic your consumers welcome. 

Home & Household

Producing home goods comes with great responsibility. Consumers have high expectations you must meet in order to spark engagement and loyalty. We’ll bring ideas that are colorful, innovative, and memorable. 

Mobile Devices

Talk to us to learn more about polymer solutions that support next-generation designs of dependable devices in the colors and soft-touch haptic your consumers want.

Small Appliances

You have the freedom to innovate with our comprehensive range of material options for internal and external small appliance components.

Outdoor & Recreation

Popular sports and leisure activities, from yoga and little league to the great outdoors, have created growing market segments. Our materials can help you provide durable, long-lasting products that engage your consumer. 


Wearable Technology

Contact our experienced team to collaborate globally on the design of your lightweight next-gen wearable devices to deliver brilliant aesthetics, haptics, and performance.