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Cesa™ Fiber Tracer Concentrates - Product Bulletin Product Bulletin Learn more about the applications and key benefits of Cesa Fiber Tracer Concentrates View
Battery Frame Application Snapshot Delivered excellent high heat and eco-friendly performance of non-halogenated flame resistance View
Polystrand™ R Recycled Polyester Composite Tape and Laminates - Product Bulletin Product Bulletin Learn more about key characteristics, applications and technical properties for Polystrand R Recycled Polyester Composite Tape and Laminates View
SBD Cordless Power Tool Application Snapshot Offered material and high impact with good laser marking performance strength View
Serum Collection Cartridge Application Snapshot Provided excellent sealing performance and a short lead time View
CFAs and Nucleant Additives for Tractor Trailer Sidewalls Application Snapshot Lightweighting formulation for layered, metal-laminated sidewall panels View
CFAs for WPC Sheet and Decking Application Snapshot CFA solution that offered energy savings and manufacturing efficiencies View
Services Capabilities Overview Brochures & Product Information Discover the comprehensive technical services available through Specialty Engineered Materials at Avient to assist customers View
Compound Bow Grip Application Snapshot Nymax™ nylon substrate and Versaflex™ TPE overmold combine to deliver structural integrity and comfort for archery OEM View
Industrial Paint Sprayer Application Snapshot Flame retardant and colorant solution for an industrial paint sprayer View
reSound™ Ultra-Low Carbon Footprint Thermoplastic Elastomers - Product Bulletin Product Bulletin  Overview of key characteristics, benefits and technical properties of these eco-conscious grades View
Silcosperse™ Flame Retardant Additives - Product Bulletin Product Bulletin Learn about the applications and key benefits of Silcosperse Flame Retardant Additives View
Colorant and Additive Solutions for Small Appliances - Brochure Brochure Overview of products and services for appliances View
Aqueous Battery Gasket Application Snapshot Dynaflex™ TPE delivered excellent sealing plus chemical resistance for demanding energy storage application View
ColorMatrix™ Small Order Service for Polyolefins - Product Bulletin Product Bulletin Designed to simplify the ordering process for small lot colorant orders  View
ColorMatrix™ FlexOne™ Brochure Brochure A sustainable solution for liquid metering View
Hoyt VITALPOINT Grip - Case Study Case Study Learn how Versaflex™ Soft-Touch Thermoplastic Elastomers enhanced accuracy and comfort while maintaining grip design for archery bow View
Profile and Sheet Extrusion for Rails and Kick Plates Application Snapshot Cesa™ Flame Retardants solution to meet extruder's key requirements View
CFAs for Waste Management OEM Application Snapshot Solid and liquid CFA solutions for industrial containers View
Disc Golf Discs Application Snapshot Dynaflex™ TPEs provided a versatile material for achieving multiple disc capabilities, colors and features View
Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe for Oil & Gas Application Snapshot Provided material compatibility with HDPE and added reinforcement to meet burst strength requirements View
Humotech Robotic Prosthetic Case Study Learn how composite springs provide flexibility in prosthetic performance and design View
Piranha Marine Propeller Application Snapshot Complēt™ MT Long Glass Fiber Reinforced Nylon 6 improved durability and vibration damping allowing the blades to flex and absorb energy from minor impacts View
Swimming Goggle Gasket and Nose Bridge Application Snapshot Customized bio formulations to meet sustainability and comfort targets with excellent sealing performance View
MEVOPUR™ Special Effects for Healthcare Devices and Pharmaceutical Packaging - Application Bulletin (Chinese) Application Bulletin Learn about the key characteristics and regulatory support MEVOPUR™ Special Effect colorants offer for healthcare devices and pharmaceutical packaging (Chinese language version) View