Epic Special Effects Tips

What is the size of Wilflex glitter flakes used in Wilflex glitter inks?

Particle Size of flake measures .008”x.008” and are made of polyester.  Recommended mesh counts range from 25-40 th/in (10-15 th/cm).


Is there a mixture of SFX Bases that I can use for foil or flock adhesive?

Foil / Flock Adhesive Mixture:

Mix by weight:

  • 10005PFX Epic Stretch Base - 70parts
  • 10009PFXHDC Epic HD Clear 2 - 30 parts

Tint this mixture with Wilflex Equalizers to a complimentary color to the foil or the flock.

Print this through an 83 – 156 th/in (32-61 th/cm). Higher Mesh counts may require a print / flash / print scenario. Capillary film can be used to achieve greater thickness with one pass. This mixture will allow for a flat to the shirt foil application that is supple.

(Off Line) Heat Press at 350F for approximately 8-10 seconds at 40-60Lbs of pressure on the heat press

Generally when working with Foil and Flock, use lower pressure, less dwell time on the heat press application.

Peel the foil once the shirt has cooled to ambient temperature

Foil Adhesive should be the last screen-printed


What is foil resist?

Foil resist additive is used with Epic Standard Colors and Whites to resist the foil when applied with a heat press. Be sure to review the product bulletin prior to testing and that you’re getting 320F at the ink film on the shirt when fusing in your dryer. Then check the ink film temperature through the dryer with a thermo probe or a temperature strip. Do not mix more than the recommended 10 percent in to plastisol colors. Mix by weight on 1/10th of a gram scale and do not mix with Glitters or Shimmers (Polyester Flake will remelt and hold the foil).


How do I create a leather effect?

Epic SFX Bases:  Mix by weight Sculpture Base 50%, Plush Base 30%, Cork Base 20%.  Add about 10% of finished color.  A good brown to start with is PANTONE(R) 1515 C. Print through 86 mesh 250 micron stencil.


What can I add to my inks to glow under blacklights?

Adding Epic Luna Clear into Epic Premixed inks will enable them to glow under black light conditions.