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Mevopur™ Polymer Colorants and Additives Webinars & Videos Discover how our polymer colorants and additives can bring healthcare to life. View
Trilliant™ HC Thermoplastics and Versaflex™ HC TPEs for Surgical Stapler Webinars & Videos View
Versaflex™ HC TPEs for Laryngeal Mask Airway Webinars & Videos Discover how our Versaflex™ HC TPEs provided the ultra-soft and gel-like feel, optimized performance, and complied with FDA and ISO 10993 requirements. View
Avient Solutions for Wire & Cable Applications Webinars & Videos Discover Avient's broad portfolio of specialty solutions for wire and cable applications  View
reSound™ BIO TPEs with bio-renewable content Webinars & Videos Explore sustainable thermoplastic elastomers, formulated with 35-75% plant-derived content View
Reducing Stress with Liquid Color Webinars & Videos Learn how you can help reduce employee stress at the PVC pipe production job site by using liquid color and dosing equipment View
Mevopur Bio-based Polymer Solutions for Healthcare Webinars & Videos Disover our portfolio of color and additive solutions specially formulated with bio-polymers to increase the sustainability of healthcare products View
Challenges Accepted with Liquid Color Webinars & Videos How using liquid colorant can give PVC pipe manufacturers greater control over their production environment View
Liquid Color Formulation Expertise Webinars & Videos Discover how the right color formulation and experience bridge the gap between the art and science of PVC pipe manufacturing View
Specialty Formulations for Electrical & Electronic Applications - Video (Chinese) Webinars & Videos Discover how you can get more from Avient's colorants, additives and engineered materials for E&E plastic components and infrastructure (Chinese language version) View
Specialty Formulations for Electrical & Electronic Applications - Video Webinars & Videos Discover how you can get more from Avient's colorants, additives and engineered materials for E&E plastic components and infrastructure View
Polystrand Unidirectional Composite Tape - Video Webinars & Videos Continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite tape is slit to custom widths from 2" to 24" View
Fiber-Line Engineered Fibers - Products & Applications Webinars & Videos Fiber-Line™ engineered fiber solutions are designed to meet the most specific and demanding requirements View
Advanced Composites - Thermoset Portfolio Webinars & Videos Gordon Composites™ and Glasforms™ thermoset composite materials and applications View
Avient Healthcare Polymer Colorant and Additive Solutions - Video Webinars & Videos Explore how Avient Healthcare Polymer Colorant and Additive Solutions can support the growing healthcare market trends by helping our customers to manage product performance and risk. View
ColorMatrix™ Lactra™ Four, One, Zero - Video Webinars & Videos Learn about the benefits of using ColorMatrix™ Lactra™ Four, One, Zero in PET dairy and dairy-alternative packaging View
Polystrand™ Materials and Applications - Video Webinars & Videos Polystrand™ continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites - lightweight, strong and versatile.  View
Sustainability in Packaging - Video Webinars & Videos Learn more about Avient's portfolio of sustainable solutions for packaging View
ColorWorks™ Design and Technology - Video Webinars & Videos See how our ColorWorks professionals can help you through co-creation and technical guidance, explore and unlock the true potential of color in plastics and speed up product development. View
Versaflex™ Non-Blooming TPE Solution - Video Webinars & Videos Learn more about Versaflex™ Non-Blooming TPE Solution, offering Optimum Aesthetics for consumer electronics View
Trendwatch™: Medical Wearables + Digital Health - Webinar Webinars & Videos What are the materials that will make next-generation wearable and digital health trends possible? View
Masterbatch Solutions for Automotive Textiles - Video Webinars & Videos See how Avient’s masterbatch solutions for spin dyeing can help achieve a better sustainable profile than bath dyeing to dye fibers and filaments for automotive textiles View
Masterbatch Solutions for Mosquito Nets - Video Webinars & Videos Find out about the technology behind Avient’s antimosquito masterbatches for mosquito nets that support the fight against vector born disease like malaria View
HiFormer™ Liquid Technology for Plastic Coloration - Video Webinars & Videos HiFormer™ liquid masterbatch technology can help brand owners and plastic converters optimize the coloration of plastics used in applications ranging from personal care, food and beverage, appliances to construction and toys View
Lighten up with HYDROCEROL™ - Video Webinars & Videos HYDROCEROL™ chemical foaming agents help to reduce the weight of automotive plastic parts like dashboard carriers, interior trim parts, door panels or glove boxes. View
Webinar: Overmolding with Thermoplastic Composites Webinars & Videos Discover how to combine strength, performance and design flexibility through innovative materials and processes View
Webinar: Accelerate your speed to market Webinars & Videos Industrial design in combination with functional materials improves products and increases speed to market View
Compression Molding CFRTP - Video Webinars & Videos Heat. Form. Cool. Learn how to compression mold with Polystrand CFRTP View
Polystrand Reinforcement: Impact Resistance - Video Webinars & Videos See how thermoplastic composite tapes and laminates boost performance of traditional materials View
Thermochromic Thermoplastic Elastomers - Video Webinars & Videos View our demonstration of color-sensing thermochromic TPEs View
Redesigning What's Possible - Video Webinars & Videos Learn how Avient helps customers use the power of polymer technology to make great products. View
One Web Site, Infinite Possibilities - Video Webinars & Videos This video explores how the new can help users explore new ideas and find just the right solution. View
Advanced Composites Webinar Webinars & Videos Take a closer look at the benefits of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites.  View
Webinar: Composite Sandwich Panels Webinars & Videos Explore Design & Material Selection of Composite Panels for Structural Components View