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History of ColorMatrix

Since its entrepreneurial beginnings in 1978 supplying liquid colorant to the North American extrusion industry, ColorMatrix has grown and built its expertise in liquid dispersions for the global plastics industry.

Some key milestones in our history so far include: 



  • 1978 ColorMatrix Corporation starts production in Cleveland, US
  • Develops and builds expertise in liquid colorant dispersion
  • Establishes a strong position in US Injection Molding and Pipe Extrusion markets




  • Builds experience and strengthens expertise in colorant and additive technologies
  • Develops a leading position in PVC Pipe, PET preform and specialist performance color markets throughout the US




  • ColorMatrix Europe establishes production facilities in Knowsley, UK
  • ColorMatrix develops R&D capability for new technologies particularly in Packaging 
  • Becomes market leader in additive technologies for PET preforms in Europe
  • 1998 establishes commercial facility in Hong Kong to serve the Asian market
  • Grows portfolio of polymer additive technologies for PET in US and Europe



  • 2000 Commences manufacture in Brazil to support dominant position in PET coloration in Latin America
  • 2006 ColorMatrix is acquired by US based equity company Audax Group
  • 2007 Leading Latin American colorant supplier DosiColor is acquired 
  • 2007 ColorMatrix acquires Fluoropolymer specialists Colorant Chromatics Group 
  • 2008 ColorMatrix opens manufacturing facility in Suzhou, China
  • 2009 ColorMatrix opens commercial facility in Moscow, Russian Federation



  • 2011 ColorMatrix Group acquires leading silicone dispersions manufacturer GSDI
  • 2011 ColorMatrix Group is acquired by the PolyOne Corporation
  • 2012 ColorMatrix opens office in Cape Town, South Africa
  • 2012 PolyOne Innovation Centre featuring ColorMatrix DosiXpress Color Matching Cell opens in Seoul, South Korea